Maintenance and fiberglass repairs

JOB MARINE proposes various maintenance packages and services to enhance safety and keep your boat ready to go.

Stress Related Blisters

Blisters, cracks, scratches on the hull of your boat

These cracks occur when the GELCOAT of your boat or motorized vehicle becomes fragile. They are often caused by the unevenness of the GELCOAT and the weaknesses in the structure of the boat

Osmosis Blisters Treatment:

Presence of deep blisters of variable sizes on the hull of your boat.

Osmosis is a degeneration process of the fiberglass (deep in the laminate) which is caused by a reaction between water and substances within the hull. The water penetrates by the GELCOAT and reacts with chemical components present in the laminate. The osmosis blistering is not only caused by the water outside of the hull – the hold water can also cause this problem. It’s better to keep the hold dry.


By far the best barrier against osmosis!

Epoxy for boat which acts as a barrier against the water (waterproof). It is used for preventing and repairing osmosis blisters.


This must be done on a regular basis (each year) to preserve the hull of your boat. Each step is important for us: complete cleaning of previous coats, complete sanding of the hull & appendixes, repair of cracks, small chips or defects on the surface, degreasing, rustproofing of appendixes, application of GELCOAT epoxy, antifouling, etc.

Harmonization of colours

Our professionals can reproduce the original colour of your boat.

fibre de verre reparation
reparation fibre de verre bateau
fiber glass repair
réparation de fibre de verre

All repairs made by JOB MARINE & VR
comply with manufacturing standards.

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JOB MARINE & VR offers aesthetic maintenance of your boat and motorized vehicle.