RV Polishing

RV Polishing

  • Restore the original shine to an oxidized RV
  • Water sanding
  • Ceramic sealer


Polishing your RV will restore the shine to the fibreglass.

According to the type of coating and its condition, we select the appropriate combination of cleaning products (amongst five basic products) to deep clean and work on the colour pigmentation. This step is vital because it enables to restore 85 % of the final shine. The polishing is made with a buffer that can turn up to 3500 spins /min which allows for great results on the surface.

Afterwards, a sealing coat of UV / 96 is applied and perfectly polished into the surface to prevent it from cracking, flaking or going yellow.


The results include a very resistant shine and an unequalled transparency.

JOB MARINES & VR, with its experienced team of technicians, its equipments, its professionalism and its uses of the best products, guarantees you a high quality service.

All repairs made by JOB MARINE & VR
comply with manufacturing standards.

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